Fine Art Printing Services

Fine Art Printing services require highly specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience to consistently produce impeccable, archival reproductions for artists and photographers.  You won’t find these attributes at your local print shop or copy center, and navigating the spectrum of Fine Art printing is challenging.  That’s why we work directly with you, through each step of our process, to ensure your work is produced with stunning accuracy and without compromise on our Epson® SureColor P8000 Ink Jet printer.

Traditional Substrates

We offer an array of Traditional Substrates for Fine Art Printing. From vibrant luster papers to textured watercolor paper, and everything in between, we’ll help you select the substrate that best compliments your artwork and budget. All of our traditional substrates are printed with industry leading Epson® Ink Jet technology that produces archival, gallery quality images with exquisite detail and rich, accurate color processing.

Fine Art Printing Services
Fine Art Printing Services Photography Frames Prints Asheville

Alternative Substrates

We also offer an array of Alternative Substrates for Fine Art Printing if you’re looking for a extraordinary way to present your work.  This includes (but not limited to) textured or polished aluminum, wood veneer varieties, hand leafed surfaces (i.e. Gold, Silver, and Copper), clear photographic skins, and adhesive backed papers.  Each substrate offers it’s own unique visual allure and application potential to compliment your artwork and it’s surroundings.  Joshua Niven Studios is experienced in the artwork management, specialized processing, and archival techniques required to produce Fine Art quality prints on alternative substrates.

Fine Art Printing Services Alternative Substrates Asheville
Fine Art Printing Services Alternative Substrates

Artwork Guidelines

Accepted File Formats: .tif | .psd | .pdf | .jpg

Maximum Resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi

Maximum Artwork Size: 44″ x unlimited

If you need expert assistance with image processing, advanced editing, or artwork replication please visit our Digital Services page to learn more.

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